Joanne Arnott
Valerie B-Taylor

In Holier Than Life, Fauzia Rafique presents in English poems written in three languages, to blend the voices of self in a full and unified presentation. From soft intimacies to polemic, from private indignities to those that are the shared burden of at least half the planet, the poet gives voice to self in a wide sweep of style and metaphor, revelation and critique, visiting a kaleidoscope of concerns and blending literary values that, ultimately, express a single flame of being. Intelligence, embodiment, engagement: these are the aspects of woman that surge to the fore and fall back again, as poem by poem, the author moves us through the vastness of the world.’

Joanne Arnott
Author of ‘Wiles of Girlhood’ and ‘Mother Time’
Fauzia Rafique’s poetry collection ‘Holier Than Life’ speaks to the world about the state of human conditions and current global upheaval. Her lyrical style weaves the reader’s imagination into a perceptive web of bittersweet memories of love, and of power-orchestrated political murders. Once entangled in the web of Rafique’s profound and well crafted poetics her writing provokes a burning passion to rise and speak up. Fauzia Rafique’s writing is powerful, insightful and revolutionary.
A must read!

Valerie B-Taylor
President New West Writers, FBCW NW Area Rep, Advisor Surrey Muse, Founder Renaissance Book Writers
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